Tere! Wannabe Estonians.

03/04/2020 Blog

While we have Swiss passports we are thrilled to be an Estonian company.  Fully supported in our endeavours by a people who really want to get ahead is the feeling we have when working in this small but gorgeous country.  Innovative thinkers who are willing to share ideas about efficiency, ideology and their history are what makes us feel at home.

While Geneva is a three hour flight from Tallinn and we do miss our big mountains, Estonia has given us the ability to also feel at home whilst working in a foreign place. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist the photo of the Matterhorn).  In fact, Estonian people want us to feel integrated, even with their language.  The Swiss and Estonian concept of work and innovation is also similar. We are to be forthright, honest, and set expectations carefully, allowing us to yield more precise solutions for our customers, friends and families.

These similarities made it surprisingly easy to ‘feel’ Estonian.  We are proud that our European branch is situated in a small state that takes the betterment of its society seriously, working together as a whole to insure a higher standard of living for all.

We are also happy to announce that this year will mark a significant investment for us with permanent office spaces in the border town of Valga.  Our permanent home in the midst of nature and wildlife will further our design capabilities, allowing us to be totally creative.  We welcome you to visit us there as well as in Tallinn and we are looking forward to exporting and distributing our brand of creativity from Estonia

We are proud to call Estonia home too.

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