Hello from the Chalet

19/09/2020 Blog

Raclette, what a wonderful entrée to Swiss culture.  To help share our passion for luxury, we did something a bit off the wall, we hosted a Raclette party in Tallinn, with cheese imported for Trois Torrents, VS.  What could be better than that?  Were our Estonian clients impressed?  For this we can’t be sure, however we do know that we happily downed 10kg of cheese between our three staff and eight Estonian men and women.  Perhaps this was a record for the entire country (not counting the local Swiss club of course).  While our Alpine roots may seem a little cheesy, we can assure you that our approach to design, luxury and discretion are certainly not.

And who were these lucky Estonians?  Well, that’s for us to know and for you hopefully never to find out.

If you ever have a Raclette craving in Estonia…you now where to find your dealer!

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