Tere! Wannabe Estonians.

03/04/2020 Blog

While we have Swiss passports we are thrilled to be an Estonian company.  Fully supported in our endeavours by a people who really want to get ahead is the feeling we have when working in this small but gorgeous country.  Innovative thinkers who are willing to share ideas about efficiency, ideology and their history are what makes us feel at home. While Geneva is a three hour flight from Tallinn and we do miss our big mountains, Estonia has givenRead More

Trusting Tango Juliet Alpha

23/02/2018 Blog

Staring across the table at me with a stare that could kill a man, a confidence that could charm a killer and a solid sophistication that made me want to double down in so many ways was the one second start to my first interaction with a muse who sings us a daily aria in the world of Cité Privée.  Armed with fabulous pin-point stilettos and a razor sharp mind that sits hight above them (not to mention other gorgeousRead More